Art Tourism- innovations in trails

Non-artists will be able to experience rural creative art, culture, cuisine and celebration on a local level.  From mural tours,  private studio tours to multi-day art itineraries, Wayfinder Route Blue connects non-artists  to the path of all the global indigenous artists through viewer and connected creative travel experiences along our global coasts.

Programmatic advertising is making automation and targeting easier, and Route Blue Wayfinder Art solutions are specifically designed for use by DMOs, communities and Tourism Organizations).  Using large scale art in dynamic social media ads, as well as connected community campaigns, implementing video (and, in some cases, virtual reality) marketing strategies, refining how Mural Art, site specific art, and the Route Blue Crew work with influencers and exploring opportunities for partnerships with online travel agencies (OTAs).




In life and on any journey…the most important thing is to find what makes you the creative process of YOU…find your blue #wanderingwildartist #routeblue


ROUTE BLUE-#findyourblue
A travel app that connects rural towns and cities through the stories and connected experience of mural art . The murals are the place markers to unveil the connected histories and creative stories of the trail towns . Using augmented reality to lead and help share the local creative industries, businesses and people that live in the spaces between the walls and the viewer.


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Contact our team to find out how you can be part of the Route Blue Movement. People using creative talent to build a socio-economy while profiting of hand to land talent. Artists building an economy with talent and skills based products, through community and global tourism solutions.

We work with you, the creator, the creative business or your community.  DOOdeRcV4AEox7l