A 30 year history of building community in a unique model taught to her by the small town she was born in.  This unique immigrant community creative model has created community successes that have exceeded over 100 million dollars in creative based economy. The social change for the thousands of youth that have graced her projects are the stories and true economy of life and work well done. The words on her immigrant grandmothers grave. “life’s work well done!”   Life Work and Creative Community is one and the same.



Trying to renew and  recreate unique communities that will attract a tourism and creative experience based tourism destination, in towns that are economically stretched and facing many socio- economic challenges in a new digital new world of communication. Learning to harness the creative inventory, fund as well as to compete with other communities, that are also working to attract new industry, visitors and residents.  And the biggest challenge? Learning to do it with a new digital language

RURAL CREATES Solution: Loughery’s ” RURAL CREATES” Community Branding programs have helped many communities  create their branding, development, and marketing Art in Action plan using the inventory and themes of history and uniqueness and an innovative “Wayfinder artWORKS” philosophy to achieve several goals:

  1. Position communities as some of the best Creative & Unique destinations in which to live, work and experience.
  2. Differentiate each community from other communities, but to include each community in a connected trail to sustainability and global market.
  3. Make YOUR community one of the  destination of choices for visitors and to encourage them to sat and explore and be part of the story.
  4. Create year-round jobs, skills programs and business opportunities in creative  tourism and other resource opportunities
  5. Create a skills based youth program in each community to build tourism from the inside out, using the economy of people to build the economy of community. The square root of blue is blue: and the square root of community is its creators timed but themselves, equals a creative economy.  the creative economy is a vital fast growing global phenomenon and one rural communities are grasping to grow and sustain themselves. The connection of those communities equals all the horses drawing one cart and harnessing the power of the herd for community growth and resilience.
  6. Create Environmental Awareness as part of a Creative Community Strategies as a Resource Industry. Art Debris to Tourism is a multi level economy and community strategy.

Route Blue” Rural Create” Brand Connection : creative people who highly understand the form and function of art in the building and sustainability of community.  The connection that creative arts in community is the science of community. The divide of art from community is a loss of community.  RURAL CREATES thirty year success in the global renewal of rural communities is a testimony to the power of community art. The Creators are the story tellers and the painters and the history . Told through visual projects with skills and marketing opportunities, we help communities sing their song and paint their story… we all have a story and connected we are a creative nation and a destination Road trip. Building community is not a competition. It is a larger community with experience based creative adventures of all cultures and expression.  Fly fishing after all is an Art!


Vernon BC  -27 Heritage Mural Based Downtown Revite. Catalyst for a 6.7 million dollar Downtown rebuild and heritage theme to match Heritage and MLM Wayfinder RC philisophy.An over 8 million dollar renewal program with unmeasurable tourism growth capacity.

ROUTE 66 Mural City 20 million revite catalyst and small town model emulated USA Wide..study Ryerson University

Merritt BC -Country Music Capitol of Canada & CCMA Hall of Fame Strategy. Catalyst was the 28 “Walk of Stars” larger than life Murals and handprints representing the musicians and creative talents that has graces the stages of Merritt Mountain Music Fest and the songs of the great musicians of North America. An over 8 million dollar renewal program with unmeasurable tourism growth capacity.

Highway Creative based ROUTE BLUE HIGHWAY Program innitiated with Province and Federal Government, including TOTA and AtBC and numerous partners and stakeholders.

Route Blue Creative Trail brand inclusion and membership with continued team skills and marketing and community building mentors

Art and Heritage as a machine to build tourism strategies as the steam to bring rural communities together as a team and to bring the tourism to the world in a visual way. Use community walls and non profits as an extension to our education systems and as a part of the civic structure.

    • Highway and project success branding trail gaining recognition through notable global publications.
  • ROUTE BLUE BUOYS  PEOPLE PLACE AND PLANET…engage the roadtrip to educate and create sustainable art while cleaning the planet.

Art is a TECHNOLOGY TOOL of communication. An image is the most complete technique of all communication